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The Best of New Zealand is a company focused on and devoted to tourism marketing and promotion of New Zealand to the World via the Web.

Our purpose is to provide the only New Zealand Web site to be targeted at the traveller who seeks the best - the best New Zealand has to offer.

As our Company name suggests, we are only interested in tourism-related organisations, companies and people who provide the best in their particular field - the elite, the people who stand out, the award winners.  However, we are also interested in those who never win awards, simply because they never have time to enter for them.  These are our achievers and their time is devoted to doing the very best job for their guests and visitors and New Zealand.

We are selecting our clients carefully and only listing them after a great deal of research.  First, we are limiting the numbers of participants in each category to a maximum of 10 but while we'll be updating our results continually, in some places we simply won't find sufficient suitable candidates to fill all ten spaces.  Second, to ensure we maintain a high level of quality, we also have a strict policy of "By invitation only."

Listing the chosen few throughout New Zealand will take time and we ask you to bear with us because "Good things take time."  In the meantime, we are pleased to invite you to browse through the Best we have to offer.

Enjoy safe travels and may the wind be always at your back!

J. Port
 Managing Director


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